How to Clean Charging Port on iPhone

According to Will Manuel, CEO of Core Media Concepts, it is so common to a iPhone port to be quickly dirty over the time. That’s why he proposes for helping to decrease the likelihood of buildup, the periodic cleaning. Dirties things, dust or others can be removing off the floor’s phones, but they can also find their way into iPhone charging port sometimes. This event happened every moment that device is putting inside a bag or in pocket with the port facing down. We have to understand by this that when debris affect immediately the phone, it becomes so dirty and bring the device to stop working.

Knowing how to clean iPhone (and how often should) is become very important. In the wake of the pandemic, what happens when iPhone isn’t working the way it should be, because of the dirty state of port charging? There are few things scarier than the sight of that ever-thinning red line observe, and a ten percent warning popping up on iPhone’s screen every time by scheduling social media binge. Maybe it is possible to move it in and worst fear comes true, nothing happens. Now what in such a vital time to be connecting with friends and family, you’re left virtually disconnected?

Customers can now get the most out of their favorite tech, diagnose device problems, cleaning port charging and resolve them all time thought our article here. Here is a quick guide to show how troubleshoot charging can happen in phone at time and cause problems. Maybe it’s a problem of bad cable, restoration of the software, or replacing charging port. Sometimes, though, the only problem with your charging port is that it’s dirty. Here are some ways to know how to clean your iPhone charging port safely, and also have some method to avoid dirty or external particle in your phone’s charging port safely.

Reasons Why Charging Port Get so Dirty?

By some experience when an iPhone getting trouble to charge properly, it would charge or uncharge anormaly, and other time can not be able to charge at all. After realising that the problem was not a faulty cable, the owner must choose the way of cleaning supplies. If the port was really packed with pocket lint, dirt and debris gathered over time, and push it against the back of the port also.

Now, the solution can be to plug in his charging cable. Before spending a lot of time and money troubleshooting hardware or software charging issues, be first cleaning dirties things out of port and all the need right at home to clean it out.

In other case, when there are just a slight amount of dust in your charging port, it is not possible to make a quick shot with compressed to do the trick. But it can be a success if a lightning cable is introduce into the port to clean, except that any air doesn’t make a trick. It be better to avoid the stuff altogether and not use compressing air method.

Methods to Clean Charging Port on iPhone

iPhone not charging?

Here is showing how to clean it out with basic household items. It’s an unexpected wrench in the classic routine. Usually, like clockwork, you plug your iPhone in at night and wait until the end of the day, to have enough juice to last you. And, while plugging in your iPhone may seem like the simplest thing in the world, manies reasons why you may not be seeing that little lightning appear in your battery icon exist. One lesser-known but likely culprit? Your charging port.

We know that this situation be difficult and it is’nt important to run out to the nearest Apple Store before triying these simple tricks. Let us look those options:

Option 1: Cotton Method

There are several reasons why iPhone might be having issues with charging and not be avoid to be dirty. Cotton round (or Paper towel) is recommanded. 

Having the tiniest bit of cotton on the tip of toothpick to help cushion the cleaning process, not consider as a bad idea. However, always know that it will be unhelpful to actively scrape the port. It is recommanded to always use much cotton to clean out all grime, lint, and others debries in iPhone’s charging port by just using a couple of swipes. But, if the iPhone isn’t even charging properly anymore, it’s probably mucked up, and you’re going to have to spend some time and elbow grease cleaning it out by:

  • In this first place, power iPhone by placing a toothpick on the cotton and twist until see how it wraps around the toothpick.
  • Locate a paper or cotton.
  • Insert the tip into the port
  • Making sure to get all edges, carefully move it around the port
  • Reinsert the charger cable into the port

Manuel asserts which it uses show the paper around, will allow debris and dust to cling the material. Also, it is good to free up the smaller connection pieces that will help the iPhone to recognize in order to charge.

Important: Don’t put any chemicals or cleaning supplies onto the material and into the port as this could cause internal damage. Make sure you’re not doing any of these things to your phone that Apple experts warn against.

Option 2: Paper Clip Method

This method is simple but also riskier as you can potentially destroy and damage the sensitive touch points inside the port. According to Stewart McGrenary, of iPad-Recycle, warns iPhone owners, we are not have to be agressive, but to find places where dirt can be and clean slowly. Those are some steps that we can follow:

  • Locate a small pin, paperclip, or needle to be use.
  • Carefully introduce the thin metal into the port without damage anything.
  • With extreme care, jiggle the point inside the port to loosen dirt or debris carrfully.
  • Reinsert the charger cable into the port for using.

Lesson: Always keep the nearly-charged phone young to stop iPhone from getting slower as it ages.

Option 3: Compressed Air Method

It is very important to know that the fact to insert foreign objects in the port charging, is a risk of damaging it. So, this method is the only one that does not have the potential to damage the machinery inside.

Here are five steps:

  • Locate a can of compressed air beside and hold it upright.
  • Now, it’s time to press down on the nozzle and spray air in “blight bursts”, Then just wait a few seconds after.
  • Reinsert the charger cable into the port for using.

Remark: As Dr.Vikram Tarugu says, it’s notice to resist the urge to blow ourselves into the port. Meaning that wet or hot air from man’s mouth is not favors the port and its contact’s point. So, blowing sharply into the port may be the first urge and do more harm than good.

Option 4: Toothpick can be Use to Clean iPhone Method

Paper clip or straight pin are selected here to clean iPhone. But the recommendation is to shove anything that hard or sharp into the charging port. Because of the presence of little electronic pins in, it is not wise or good to scratch or damage them. Ideally, the using of flat toothpicks with rounded tips is appreciated because there is zero sharpness in those.

These are steps to follow:

  • Connect the charger and see if it works, then shake if it still having problem, before take an alternative options for toothpicks.
  • This method be used if iPhone is stuck in “headphone mode” even though no headphones are plugged in phone. This method is also good and recommanded for those who will like to clean out their charging port, or headphone jacks on Android smartphone. It can work sometime with other phone’s mark like Blacberry.

Any of these options will likely help clean port and get back to charging again. Every-time connect iPhone to the charging cable again and see if it worked, when the port has to be clean out. If not, repeat the steps above until it works, or until the problem be determined.

Proper iPhone Hygiene

Keeping iPhone in good shape and working order, demand to keep some useful cleaning tools handy, by getting out the gunk in your charging port or just keeping the surface shiny and new.

Here are the cleaning products to use:

  • Stick into the Lightning port,( not anything metal). Flat toothpicks is recommended here, with its rounded tips.
  • The bit of cotton wrapped around the tip, too much quanta is recommended here. Due of the fact that is not easy to see the inside of iPhone’s Lightning port, we can use a flashlight with a focused beam for this.
  • liquid cleaners: Woosh is alcohol and ammonia-free be use sparingly and not every day; it’s less abrasive. To eliminate all the germs, UV phone sanitizer is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why it is Important to Clean phone’s charging port?

The opening on the bottom of phone might look small, but it can get dusty fast. And when going to charge it, the connector can force this dust and dirt deeper into the charging port until the phone loses power completely. The next time, it’s will be important to consider the state of the connector and if the battery is troubly charging.

Also make sure that USB-C or Lightning cable may no longer be making a solid connection and it’s time to clean out the port. The first thing to do is inspect device and use a bright flashlight or lamp to take a closer look at the charging port, and check it regularly.

What not to use to clean charging port?

To have and maintain a charging port clean, there are some tools that we don’t have to use:

  • Toothbrush: the bristles that we found on the brush bring stuck inside the charging phone port and make situation too worse.
  • Blowing on the port with your mouth: your breath contains water particles that can add moisture and damage your device.

How to Dry Out Your Phone charging Port?

Don’t grab the rice. It lodged in phone’s charging port and it will be very difficult to dislodge. This is when the phone is exposed to liquid.

Device here have to be leave in a dry area for a hour at least. Then use the charging port to facing down and allow airflow in the port. If there is water inside, push the excess to drip out to finish the work well. USB-C or Lightning cable can be wet, then storing it in a dry place is the solution specially where there is fresh air.

Corrosion in iPhone Charging port: How to clean it?

Corrosion is also mentioned as a ennemy of phone charging port. It can affects it and stop working altogether. When an older iPhone is powered up in wet conditions, because of condition of experienced extended use, there are greens built-up in or around charging port.

Those greens built-up are formed along the walls of iPhone’s Lightning port and the only solution, the best one will be to get professional help to clean it. If this best option not be possible, it is recommended also in this case to do it alone. Some are choosing this simple solution by just using a cotton swabs to clean the charging port phone.


A clean charging port will help your iPhone perform at its best. A full wipe-down to restore the device’s old shine is a need today on all iPhones. To clean a port charging iPhone, we showed methods and options with steps, to face the situation and Know exactly how to clean your port charging and taking good care of it. Propose the guide on how to remove, clean, and avoid dirty things and germs or bacterias from your phone and its port charging.

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