How to Hide Your Location on iPhone Without Them Knowing

Do you want to hide the location of your iPhone without knowing them? Annoyed at the over monitoring by your family? Do not want to share your private trips with your friends? Do not want to allow the location tracking applications to monitor your movement? Thinking for long time but struggling to find a way to hide the location of your iPhone without knowing them? Here is the solution to your worries. The article is about the ways to hide the location of your iPhone without knowing them.

It will allow you trick your family and friends with your mock location. It will keep the applications away from unnecessary tracking. The article will teach you different methods to hide the location of your iPhone without knowing them. It will also help you to understand the pros and cons of not sharing the current and actual location all the time.

The Reasons why you Might Need to Hide your Location

There are certain applications that keep the record of users’ location history. Such type of information is normally used to improve the services provided to the customers. The concerns mount up when such information is sold out to any third party. Although that really happens but still prevention is better to avoid any unfavorable situation. The location history provides the information about users’ activities that may be private and should be kept confidential.

The location should be kept private on iPhone for the privacy concerns. Sharing location with friends or others can give them hint of one’s whereabouts. The location services should be also kept switched off for the battery life. Sharing location over GPS can prove to be harmful if it is hacked by someone. As such information can be used to monitor one’s daily routine and use that data with ill intentions. By hiding your location on iPhone and portraying virtual coordinates, you can visit the places all around the earth while staying just at home.

How to Hide your Location on iPhone without them knowing

  • Using Google Maps to hide your location on iPhone without them knowing
  • Using GPS or Wi-Fi data to hide your location on iPhone without them knowing
  • Hiding your location with an application to hide your location on iPhone without them knowing

1. Using Google Maps to Hide your Location on iPhone without knowing them

Need to plan a surprise party? Or want to buy some surprise gifts for your friend’s birthday? Do not want to share your plan with your friends? Here is the way. A feature in Google namely “Incognito” saves you from the trouble of sharing your current location with anyone. It can hide your location on iPhone without knowing them. You can plan calmly as you can spoof your location at home or library. The incognito feature helps you to hide your location from your family or friends if they are having an eye on you. It does not allow keeping the record of your movement for the time the incognito mode is on.

Also the Google keeps the track of your location using “Location History”. The location history is maintained in Google account. The information derived from location history is communicated with Google applications and services to improve their standard and to make them better suit to your choices.

Follow the below mentioned steps to keep the location history off through the Google map, for the Google and linked applications.

  1. Launch the “Google Map” application. If you do not have the Google Map application on your iPhone then download the application and link it to your Google account.
  2. Open the account and open tap the “Manage your Google Account”.
  3. From the menu, choose “Privacy and Personalization”, located at the top corner.
  4. A sub menu reading “Activity Controls” pops up. Choose “Location History” and turn it off.

2. Using GPS or Wi-Fi Data to Hide your Location on iPhone without them knowing

Want to mock your friends with the location you have never been to, right? Then here is the solution. You can spoof your location on iPhone using a range of available tools. In absolutely very short time. In fact this is the matter of a few minutes. These are tools that spoof your location in a way that they can present you driving on a busy road, while in reality you may be lying in your bed. These are designed to secretly hide your location on iPhone without knowing them. The list of those location mocking tools is long and you can search them on Google and choose the one of your desire.

Here I will share you with a trick to mock your current location on iPhone without knowing them using location one of the easiest location spoofing tool. This amazing tool is iToolab AnyGo. Yes this is the tool that secretly hides your current location and saves you from many worries. With this tool, you are just a few clicks away from your struggle. It helps you to fake your location to any coordinate in the world. You can use the iToolab AnyGo to fix your location to a specific route or along a specified way. The choice is yours.

You can fake your location with this program in a few minutes. Lets’ see, how does it work.

  1. To start the fun, download the program on your computer and follow the instructions to install the tool.
  2. On completing the installation process, connect your iPhone with your computer using any USB cable.
  3. Hit the “OK” to proceed.
  4. The screen will show a Google map with your current location being marked.
  5. Check your current location on Google map before teleporting. If it’s wrongly being showed that correct your coordinates.
  6. Now you can choose the virtual location in the teleport bar. The teleport icon appears on the top right corner o screen. Enter your virtual destination carefully and search for the options by pressing “Search”.
  7. The system will save the coordinates automatically.
  8. Hit “OK” to hide your location on iPhone without knowing them.

Note: The other alternatives to the iToolab AnyGo may include Foneazy MockGo, Tenorshare AnyGo, iMyFone Anyto Location Changer, FoneGeek iOS Location Changer, etc.

3. Hiding your Location with an Application to Hide your Location on iPhone without them knowing

You may hide your location on iPhone by pinning your current location on a virtual location. You can make iPhone think that you are present at some other place. And you know that it really works. Sounds crazy? Yes! It is. There are many apps and software programs that can help you in this regard. Curious to know how it is possible let’s take a trip to learn how can you hide your current location on iPhone without knowing them.

So here is a program that can help you in hiding your location on iPhone without them knowing. Tenoshare iAnyGo is an app that teleports your current location to any virtual coordinate of your choice. It allows you to mask your current location by any virtual location on earth. It in facts makes you travel the world without actually leaving your comfort zone that is your bed. The tool helps you to show any virtual location of your choice at anytime. The app has an interface that is user friendly.

Follow the below instructions to see the magic.

  1. First of all download the software program on your computer and install it.
  2. From Menu choose the option “change location“. The option helps you to change your current location to any desired coordinate. It also enables you to show any virtual location to the apps that detect or demand your current location.
  3. The option leads you to a screen sized map that shows you the current location.
  4. Now connect your iPhone with the compute, on which you want to hide your location without knowing them. You can use any data cable for connectivity.
  5. After establishing the connection between computer and iPhone, unlock your iPhone and hit the “Enter” to begin the process.
  6. A search box opens on the screen enter the desired location in the search box.
  7. And click on the option “start to modify”.

Note: The other apps that can be used to hide your location on iPhone without knowing them include Fly GPS, Fake GPS Run, etc.

What are other ways for how to hide your location?

  • Specifying the Location Services Permission for the Applications on iPhone

There are a huge number of applications that collect information about the current location actively to improve their services. The users can check their activity by restricting the permission to access their location. The users can go to settings and choose to grant the permission to necessary applications if and when required. They can use the iPhone settings menu to restrict the permission of access to trace the location. The unnecessary apps can be filtered from assessing your current location.

Go through the following steps to manage the location access to the different apps on your iPhone.

  1. Open the “Settings” menu. Choose the “Privacy” option and select the “Location Services” from the sub menu.
  2. Keep the “Location Services” on during the procedure.
  3. Search for the “Apps” in the menu.
  4. Hit the app’s icon to open the options window.
  5. The options window reads the following options: “Never”, “While using the app” or “Always”. The first option will block the application from collecting the information about the location. While the second option asks you about the access every time you use the app. The last option allows the app to trace the location all the time.

All these steps can be followed to hide your location on iPhone from unnecessary tracking.

Disadvantages of hiding your location from iPhone

The idea of hiding the location from iPhone without knowing them can be of much trouble especially in the case of loss of phone. You cannot trace your phone easily if you are not sharing its location with your friends or family members. The search becomes very difficult and tiring if its “Location Services” are kept off.

The hiding of location from iPhone without knowing them can also be dangerous in case of emergency. Your contacts may not be able to find your location with no access to the current status. Furthermore, the mocked or virtual location may prove to misleading. Many services and applications of Google do not work when denied the access to the location.

How long will you be able to hide your location?

The location will be kept hidden as long as the user does not grant the access from the iPhone settings corner.

What should you do if someone has found out your location?

If your current location is being checked by someone secretly then this may or may not cause serious security problems.

Follow the given procedure to get rid of unauthorized monitoring elements.

  1. First of all reboot your iPhone. The rebooting can prevent the spyware and other tracking applications from stealing location to large extent.
  2. Download and run any spyware removal application like Mobile Security & Wi-Fi Scan, iAmNotified – Anti Spy System, Avira Mobile Security, Look Out, etc in your iPhone.
  3. Keep the “Location Services” off. Don’t share your location with any application or person unnecessarily.
  4. Check your iPhone for any unknown application and delete all such applications that you do not recognize.
  5. Keep your phone updated and check for regular updates. The updates provide the necessary security patches at regular time intervals.

All these measures would keep your iPhone protected from spying by others.


In a nutshell, the privacy breaches can be of much harm if not avoided. The article can save you from such pitfalls by hiding the location of your iPhone without knowing them. 

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