How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone Yourself Free

If you have a Boost Mobile phone and you want to unlock it yourself free, we have a guide for you. Unlocking your phone will allow you to use other carriers or even other countries’ carriers. You can also do it so that if the person has a new number, they can still get the texts from the old number. You don’t need to pay an expensive amount of money to someone else when you already know-how.

Boost Mobile is one of the providers that allows locks, leaving consumers to question how to unlock a Boost mobile phone. It’s not difficult to figure out, and in this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about unlocking your phone. We’ll go through some really quick steps on how to unlock your Boost Mobile phone with no service contract.

How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone Yourself free (Step by Step Guide)

There are many methods to unlock a Boost Mobile Phone free but, in this article, we take a look at the Four (4) most effective and guaranteed methods.

Before you apply any of the methods that would be discussed below, make sure your phone is not blacklisted.

Method 1- Using DirectUnlocks

DirectUnlocks offers a variety of services that allow consumers to unlock the latest Boost Mobile phones at a discounted rate, DirectUnlocks is a popular source for unlocking your smartphone. To learn more about this site and how it could help you unlock your cell continue to read on.

DirectUnlocks offers two methods for unlocking smartphones:

  • Unlock Boost Mobile Phones with Codes from Cellphone Cheapies
  • Unlocking Your Phone from DirectUnlocks

In terms of cost-effectiveness alone, which method is preferable may vary based on personal preference. However, in most situations, they are not interchangeable due to distinct differences between each option’s respective requirements.

To fulfill the unlock requirements from almost any carrier, your device must have been manufactured before January of 2013. Most Boost Mobile phones manufactured before the aforementioned date will require a unique unlock code from DirectUnlocks. Once you have gathered this information and determined that you qualify for a free unlock from DirectUnlocks,

Step 1: Proceed with an account registration on their website. This is a quick and easy procedure that takes less than five minutes to complete. At the top right-hand side of their main page is a tab labeled ‘Register.’ If you scroll down this page, there is also another tab titled ‘New Customers‘.

Step 2: Open the DirectUnlocks Boost Mobile unlock page.

Step 3: Dial *#06# on the mobile phone, to retrieve the unique IMEI number of the phone and enter it into the box provided.

Step 4: After filling the form given, submit your order to proceed to make your payment with the payment prompt that appears.

After successfully making payment, your order should be placed and you should receive an email notification that your unlock code is ready for delivery within 24 hours (through email). Upon receipt of this message, proceed with the instructions indicated in the body of the email.

Step 5: Locate the lock code provided in your email. It is located just beneath the ‘Unlock Phone‘ heading on the main screen for this application.

Final Step: On your Boost Mobile smartphone, go to “Settings” and scroll down to “Security” and “Unlock Phone.” From here, turn on the phone and wait for it to boot up (the screen should be completely blank).

If you can carry out all these steps, then your phone would be unlocked successfully through DirectUnlocks.

It’s a well-known truth in the wireless industry that Sprint and Boost Mobile are two of the best-prepaid carriers in America. Boost in particular has a special place in its heart for providing service to elderly people, students, and those who have been homeless at some point in their lives. They’re about making life just a little bit better for people less fortunate than everyone else.

If you are facing a tight budget and you want to unlock your boost mobile phone for free then these free methods would help you do so without a sweat. We’ve found an easy way to unlock it without paying any money at all. No scam or hacky business here, just a simple technique that will get you what you want without blowing your budget.

Method 2- Unlocking a Boost phone with Unlockitfree

Step 1: Find your cell phone IMEI number. The free unlock software website will ask for this number. On the phone keyboard, type “*#06#” and then “Enter.” Take note of the IMEI number that appears.

Step 2: Go to the Unlockitfree website using your internet browser. When prompted, enter your phone’s model number and select “Find.”

Step 3: When requested, provide your IMEI number, model number, and country of origin. Click “Generate” after selecting Boost as your cell phone Provider.

Step 4: There will be a list of probable unlocking codes shown. Enter one of the unlocks codes that have been given to you. To check if the phone is unlocked, press “Enter” and restart it. If required, try a different code.

Method 3- Unlocking Your Boost Phone with Trycktill

Step 1: Open your internet browser and go to Trycktill if your phone is an LG, AEG, Maxon, Nokia, Panasonic, Siemens, or Vitel. To change the language to English, click the British flag symbol. In the drop-down menu, type the make and model number of your phone.

Step 2: Fill out the form that appears by entering in your IMEI number, and complete the remainder of the form, and agree to the terms and conditions. Wait for the “Generate Code” screen to appear with potential codes. Follow the instructions for your phone model.

Step 3: Now restart your phone and see if it has been unlocked.

Method 4- Unlocking Your Phone with Nokia-free

Step 1: Dial *#06# on the mobile phone, to retrieve the unique IMEI number so that you can use it in the next step.

Step 2: Download the Nokia Free software to your computer from here and install it on your computer.

Step 3: Open the application you just downloaded. List Boost as the cellular service provider and provide the EMEI number, phone brand and model, and country of origin.

Step 4: Now click on the “Calculate” button and Wait for an unlock code and on-screen instructions. Apply the codes and codes and check to see if it’s unlocked.

Unlock Policies of Boot Mobile

Boost Mobile is a wireless provider that offers flexible and affordable service plans built just for you. The Boost Unlimited Plan includes unlimited voice, text, and data on 4G LTE for $50 per month. Each type of carrier has a different policy on when and how it unlocks the Boost Mobile phone.

Domestic SIM Unlock (DSU) is the process of allowing you to use another carrier’s SIM card in your device’s SIM slot. SIM unlocking a smartphone does not guarantee that it will function on another carrier’s network. Furthermore, SIM unlocking a smartphone may allow some but not all of the device’s functions (e.g., a SIM-unlocked device may support voice services but not data services when activated on a different network). NOTE: Not all smartphones have the ability to unlock the SIM slot.

Also, Boost Mobile devices that have been reprogrammed or activated on another carrier’s network, or that have been otherwise changed from their original programming or settings, may not be reactivated with Boost Mobile services. Only devices approved to work with Boost Mobile services will be activated by Boost Mobile. Other carriers’ phones cannot be unlocked by Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile Unlocking Requirements

There are underlying conditions that must be met before a Boost Mobile will assist with unlocking a device.

These conditions are:

  • The device has not been Blacklisted (reported as lost or stolen or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked).
  • The device is SIM unlock capably.
  • The associated account is active and in good standing.
  • The device has been active on the associated account for at least 12 months.

Contact Boost Mobile Customer Care at 1-888-BOOST-4U if you feel you fulfill the following conditions and would want to have your DSU-capable smartphone unlocked.

Unlocking for Military Personnel

Boost Mobile values the service that our American military personnel offers both at home and overseas. Boost has created a special unlocking policy for military members stationed overseas, as follows:

  • The device is capable of international SIM unlock.
  • The subscriber is an active member of a branch of the United States military as well as family members who are on the same account as deployed personnel.
  • The subscriber has been issued overseas deployment papers.
  • The person requesting the unlock is a current, authenticated Boost Mobile customer.
  • The account is in good standing.
  • Each phone number is allowed up to two unlocked devices within 12 months.

Note Regarding Boost Mobile’s Unlocking Policies

Individual owners who can give the Boost Mobile telephone number or account number last may be able to unlock the device and/or receive the required MSL Code from Boost Mobile.

DISH Wireless may be able to offer qualified customers a Master Subsidy Lock (“MSL“) code for devices that are not Domestic SIM Unlockable.

  • Before February 2015, the MSL code was used on a large number of devices. While Boost Mobile may be able to supply the MSL code to qualified customers, this does not guarantee that the device will be accepted by another carrier or that it will work with their network. The policies and capabilities of another carrier determine whether or not a device will be accepted and activated. Additionally, DISH Wireless devices that have been reprogrammed or activated on another carrier’s network, or that have been substantially changed from their original programming or settings, may not be revived with Boost Mobile services.

Unlocking Your Phone as Current Boost Customers

Individual owners who can give the Boost Mobile telephone number or account number last linked with the device may be able to unlock the device and/or receive the necessary MSL Code from Boost Mobile, providing the device is eligible under the applicable policy.

Unlocking The Phone of Non-Boost Customers

A non-Boost Mobile customer requestor may need to contact the original purchaser and/or the person from whom the requestor obtained the device to ensure that any financial or device eligibility criteria are met. Customers are highly urged to contact Boost Mobile before purchasing a handset through a non-Boost Mobile channel to inquire about unlocking eligibility, since Boost Mobile cannot disclose any information about an unauthenticated account.

Carrier Unlocking a Boost Mobile Phone

To Carrier unblock a Boost Mobile Phone, please follow the steps below;

  • Step 1. Contact Boost Mobile’s customer support team on 1-866-402-7366.
  • Step 2. Provide customer support with the information they need. This will enable them to process a carrier unlock code for you upon your request.
  • Step 3. Within, the unlock will be completed.
  • Step 4. After receiving the code, enter it as instructed and verify if it’s unlocked.

FAQs About Boost Mobile Phone Unlock

Does Boost Mobile phone come unlocked? 

Boost Mobile phones do not come unlocked. A carrier lock is included with every Boost Mobile phone. So, if you want to switch to another network, you first need to unlock it.

Is it legal to unlock a Boost Mobile phone under contract?

Some laws may apply to Boost mobile phone unlock depending on where you reside. However, there are almost no regulations that restrict the procedure of unlocking.

Some nations, on the other hand, restrict carriers from implementing mobile phone locks. You’ll have to pay the provider to unlock your phone at the most. But, regardless of what happens, unlocking is always possible.

How to know if my phone is locked to Boost Mobile?

In case you suspect that your phone is locked to a specific carrier, but you’re not sure. So, before you begin the unlocking procedure, you must first determine whether or not unlocking is required. Perform the following steps to verify whether your phone is locked;

  • Step 1: Remove the Boost SIM card that is currently on your phone
  • Step 2: Insert a SIM card from a different carrier into the phone
  • Step 3: Verify whether the SIM card is accepted or not. If it works perfectly that means it is not locked but if it does not work properly then it’s locked

Is Boost Mobile CDMA or GSM?

The CDMA network is used by Boost Mobile. After unlocking, a Boost Mobile phone can only utilize SIM cards from CDMA carriers like Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular. GSM network operators such as AT&T and T-Mobile do not accept unlocked Boost Mobile phones.

Can I use my Boost Mobile phone with Verizon?

Both Boost Mobile and Verizon operate on the CDMA network, as previously stated. So, once your Boost Mobile phone is unlocked, you may use a Verizon SIM card in it.

How long does it take for a Boost Mobile phone to be unlocked?

It’s all up to you. If you’re qualified for Boost Mobile unlocking, it might take up to 7 days, however, the average is 48 hours. Your smartphone will be unlocked within 24 hours if you utilize a third-party unlocking service.

Final Words:

Now that you have gone through this article, you should be able to unlock your Boost Mobile phone yourself free without any struggles. Various methods have been treated in this article with simple do to steps that would enable you to unlock a Boost Mobile phone all by yourself. DirectUnlocks is the best option to unlock a Boost Mobile phone safely and securely. This is a simple, quick, and inexpensive method that should not be missed. But you can also opt-in for the free methods if you are facing a tight budget and you want to unlock your phone for free.

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