How to Install Spyware Via Text Message Free

Nowadays, a lot of data is available on the internet which can be used in any way. When it comes to kids, parents need to keep a check on the actions to know their usage and control them which helps them save their kids from the dangers. These also help in creating a secured cyber environment for the children In the case of a married, their always want to keep an eye on their spouse to make sure that they are not cheating them.

The employer to make sure that the company’s secrets are not leaked, the employee’s actions should be under observation. To keep an eye on all the actions, we can install the spyware via text message free. Using the spyware, we can know all the details like the contacts, SMS, and details of the user. Ways are using which the spyware can be installed in the target’s mobile and observe their actions. Just follow the steps mentioned below to know the target’s actions.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is software that can be installed on any device without the consent or knowledge of the user. The spy the access to all the sensitive information present in the target’s device and gives or sells those data to external parties or private firms. It can violate the end user’s privacy. Spyware is a threat mostly users who having internet.

What are the functions or features which can be spied in the target’s devices in which the spyware is installed? There are some functionalities like Hidden Phone Tracker which can be used to get the information of SMS, calls, GPS.

  • Calls – The calls done and received from the targeted devices can be recorded and heard by anyone from anywhere. There are also spyware applications that beep on receiving or making calls from the spied device.
  • History of the device – The browsing history of the device can be accessed.
  • Access to the Social media applications – All the Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat messages, chats, the feed can be accessed and used.
  • Location – Tracking device’s location
  • By turning on the camera the spy can take screenshots.
  • The SIM cards information
  • Accessing and switching the front and back camera
  • Turning on and off the voice recorders.

Methods to Install Spyware Via Text Message for Free

For instance, if you want to know the actions of the user, you can simply get the mobile when they are busy doing some other works like working in the kitchen, sleeping, or when they are in the washroom but what if there is no possibility of getting the mobile. In that case, there are few methods using which the target’s mobile access is acquired without getting it in hands.

1. Installing Device Spying App via SMS on iOS

We can spy on the target by installing the spy software on the mobile which can be sent as a link via SMS. When the user clicks on the link present in the email, the spyware gets installed automatically and the sender can now spy on the target’s action and get the details anytime from anywhere.

This method works well on iOS devices. Without having the device in your hands it can be tracked now. This gets successful with the password and Apple ID. Now tracking app will work with iCloud. Below mentioned the way to spy on a phone without having it in your hands.

Access the website of the spy software which was selected by you:

  • A private account should be opened and the control panel should be customized
  • The device should be activated by linking it to your account using the device password and Apple ID.
  • Then start the process of tracking the device.

2. Installing Device Spying App via SMS on Android

The remote installation of the spyware in the Android mobile is more difficult. It cannot activate any monitoring software even if it works with various cloud storage. But there is a way to install the spy app on android devices also. To activate the tracking of the android devices without taking it into your hands:

Send the spyware as a link via SMS and make it display like some marketing link. Once the user clicks the link, the spyware gets installed in the background or just gets the mobile in your hand by pretending to see the feature of the mobile and send the spyware via text message free and install it. Then, you can access all the details from the target’s mobile. The SMS can be read, the contacts and the data can be accessed including the

Media. Whenever the target receives the call, you will be alerted and can also listen to the call, Once the spyware is installed and you will also get a copy of SMS whenever it is sent.

The target will never find out that his or her phone is tapped. Some Spywares can also switch on the device’s recorder and camera remotely. This comes with additional features like turning off recording and camera with some paid versions.

3. Tracking or Spy on a Cell Phone without Installing any Software on iPhone Devices

This method works with Apple products like the iPad and iPhone. Various methods are unique to iOS products. Without installing any extra monitoring or spy applications, the most popular iCloud allows access to spy on its iOS devices.

What you need to do:

  • The device password and the Apple ID are required in this method getting those are very easy when the target device belongs to your spouse, kid, or relative.
  • Activation of iCloud backup
  • Then register a private account on the website of spy software

The software will be on its license, so no issues.

What Are The Alternatives to Spyware App?

1. WiSpy Android Spy App

This is the undetectable hidden spy application. It offers many diverse cell phones spying features. The features and its cost make it stand in the list of spy applications. This cheapest spy application can be used to access calls, contacts, SMS, social media accounts. This application works completely in stealth mode. The main advantage is this application doesn’t require rooting for the installation. The disadvantage is this application doesn’t run on iOS devices.

2. XnSpy Cell Phone Spy App

XnSpy is a spyware application that provides the best kids and employee tracking features for a wide range of android cell phones and tablets. The remote tracking and monitoring of the target android devices can be done using this XnSpy Call phone spy application.

The core features supported by this application are: Call recordings, SMS tracking, Logs monitoring, GPS tracking, social media accessing and this even blocks the app installations. XnSpy applications provide Android and iOS tracking functionalities. The disadvantage of this application is this requires rooting or jailbreaking of the targeted iOS or Android for the desired operations. This application doesn’t support camera usage and it requires manual installation; it doesn’t support remote installation.

3. FamiSafe Android Monitoring Apps

FamiSafe Android Monitoring Application is the best undetectable app to monitor your family. This allows parents to track their kids, know their whereabouts, and helps in creating a secured cyber environment for the children.

The few best features of this application are: This supports the web filters, provides the information of screen time, gets the activity reports, and even helps in the YouTube content detection which very helps for the parents to keep their children away from the restricted content. Another important feature of this application is you can monitor multiple devices with only one license that is no need to purchases separate licenses in case of monitoring more than one device.

4. FlexiSpy Mobile Spyware

This is certainly the best spyware that can be used for desktop, iOS, and Android monitoring.

The best feature of this application is this also accesses the environment recordings and social media call recordings. This application has the most advanced cell phone, tablet, and PC monitoring features.

Any device using which the internet is accessible can be spied.

After comparing the different spyware applications, the most advantageous and useful feature is to install the spyware via text message for free application without rooting the device.

Yes, there are applications like TheWispy which can be installed on any device without rooting them, access all the sensitive information, and even control the device.

In general, we always think to spy on multiple devices which are very common. So, in that case, should we take multiple licenses of Spyware applications to monitor multiple devices?

No, The FamiSafe app allows you to monitor multiple devices with only one license which means there is no need to purchases separate licenses in case of monitoring more than one device.

Naturally, we get some doubts like, Aren’t the spyware applications detectable and stopped from installing? It is hard to detect because, the programming micro devices like phones, home appliances, and sensors use Java 2 Micro Edition. In general, most of the spyware is run by J2ME or Java 2 Micro Edition only. The J2ME commands are nothing but a string of characters which when entered in can direct a phone to perform the required actions which can be sent through SMS in form of a link.

Few measures are taken by the mobile manufacturers to prevent the spyware from install via text message for free.

Most J2ME commands entering via the keypad are blocked by mobile manufacturers.

However, this spyware makes the mobile phones perform certain tasks like send random SMS making random calls, sending contact details to someone else and make someone else listen to all your calls. We get frightened by knowing that process can be done this easily but fortunately all the mobile manufacturers and telecom operators are aware of these spy processes and are working harder to find ways to counter them and provide their users’ security.

Installation of specific third-party Java applications is prevented the sophisticated application control rules of BlackBerry. It is always recommended that when sending confidential data via SMS, SMS encryption software should be used. To make sure of not being tracked it is suggested to get the mobile check occasionally to keep the spies far away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can the spyware be installed on the target’s mobile?

The way is to get the target’s mobile in which the spyware is to be installed to track and install the spy application manually. The other way is to send the spyware installation link via SMS or email by displaying them as some jackpot or business tasks.

Which device tracking or spying is easy – iOS or Android?

The tracking of iOS is a bit easy when compared to Android devices. The iOS devices like iPhone, iPad can be spied by getting their Apple ID.

What is the most used way to spy or track anyone?

In general, we receive many SMSs and email mentioning that we have won some cash prizes and also some marketing-related stuff. The links or buttons present in that email or SMS are spyware. As soon as the user clicks the link or button the spyware gets installed in the background and directs the device to performs all the required tasks.

Can any device be spied remotely even without installing any spyware application?

The answer is Yes and this can be done easily in the case of the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone by easily getting their Apple ID.

Is the spyware application functional when the device is switched off?

Yes, there are spyware applications that run in the background and works even when the devices are switched off.


Usually, the kids may not understand or employees may not realize what is sensitive information. So, in such conditions, we need to take the situation into hands. Installing software that is hidden and invisible software will be helpful to you to the most accurate information. But the target who is your kid or spouse or employee will never be happy if they come to know that their actions are being observed hence the invisible feature of the spyware is very much needed to save our relationships.

Hence, it’s quite very useful to have an invisibility functionality so that your kids or employees won’t come to know about the spyware and change their actions because of the spyware software installed on their smartphones.

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