How to Metro PCS Switch Phones Sim Card

A personal communication services contains several types of wireless voice or wireless data communications systems, providing services similar to advanced cellular mobile or paging services. MetroPCS is one of the popular cellular service providers and also known as Metro by T-Mobile.

It presents itself is an interesting alternative to T-Mobile, it rides on the T-Mobile network provides full feature service like visual voice mail, the personal hotspot and unlimited music streaming with incredibly affordable plans starting at just $30 a month.

MetroPCS service is device specific, means it actually register your device ID when you first sign up, so it’s not easy to switch phones. Let us dive into this article to solve this issue faced by the users.

How to Activate MetroPCS Account?

You can activate the service online. But remember you must order or purchase a MetroPCS SIM card, and also buy the compatible phone from their online or offline store. And if you purchased it then will be able to enjoy all services provided by MetroPCS.

You can pick it up from a MetroPCS store or another offline store that sells MetroPCS phones and products. There’s a feature for you to still use a phone from another mobile service provider, if it is compatible with MetroPCS and isn’t locked by any reason.

Then, pay for the service charges using any suitable method. They will activate the phone under MetroPCS. If you want to port your phone number, then you need to have the phone on hand, along with your old carrier PIN.

How To Metro PCS Switch Phones Sim Card – Easy Methods

As earlier mentioned Switch Metro PCS phones service is device specific, it stores the ID of our mobile device so we are not allowed to use this sim card in any other device.

1) Common Reasons

The most common reason that if your current device isn’t performing as well as it once did, the real reason for that is technology ages. Mostly we use phones for several years, speed goes down, cannot perform well in multitasking, and some other problems might indicate that we need to upgrade to the new updated model.

The other reason that people want a newer model of phone which is the latest ones feature the most exciting new tech. Big industries like OnePlus and Apple are always working on the new updated features, and that might change people’s mind to upgrade their older devices with new ones.

2) Transfer Data

You have to follow the instructions that come with phone, if you wish to transfer your data from the old phone to a newer phone, or to back it up to a cloud-storage or own computer system.

If you are switching from one version of the iPhone to another so would prefer iCloud or iTunes. If both devices are android phones, then you can use Google Drive to take back up of your all personal data.

If you have one Android and another one is iPhone, then check out their official website to transfer your data, but at the setup process there’s a step for your iPhone or Android that makes this fairly often, and they provide you easy things or process accordingly.

3) Activate MetroPCS Account

If you purchase a phone which is compatible to Metro PCS services, then you can use its SIM card. You can activate it online. Please remember you must order a MetroPCS SIM card, and also buy an compatible phone (if you don’t have yet) From there online or offline store.

If it’s you first time to MetroPCS and you have a SIM card and phone, then please visit the MetroPCS website. Select the option called “Activate One Phone,” or if you have more than one phone, then select “Activate Multiple Phones”.

You can pick it up from a MetroPCS store or another offline store that sells MetroPCS phones and products. There’s a feature for you to still use a phone from another mobile service provider, if it is compatible with MetroPCS and isn’t locked by any reason.

Then, pay for the service charges using any suitable method. They will activate the phone under MetroPCS. If you want to port your phone number, then you need to have the phone on hand, along with your old carrier PIN.

4) Switch Phones

If you but a new phone from MetroPCS all you have to do is take out the sim card from current phone and put it in the new phone. You have to register the new phone with MetroPCS wither at a store or online on MetroPCS website.

If you purchased your new phone from other store, then phone must be unlocked and be compatible with the MetroPCS network. You probably are going to have to bring the phone to a MetroPCS store to register the phone. They may charge you for the registration. Or you can get a direct response if you call MetroPCS Customer Service.

Switch Simple Card (SIM Card)

If you want to switch the simple card (SIM card) in same phone, then also you need to follows the same steps mentioned in above topics. But if you have old size Card then we need to upgrade that card by visiting nearest shop.

We must also go through the MetroPCS activation process. There are several ways to do this, namely through a MetroPCS store, or via online methods. Also, you can add a brand new MetroPCS line and number to your account by talking to the customer support representatives of the company.


Prepaid plans, depending on what plan a customer chooses plan pricing ranges anywhere between $30-$60. MetroPCS offers four simple, straightforward 4G LTE data plans:

1) $30 per month

  • 2GB of 4G LTE Data
  • 2 hours of video streaming
  • 100 hours of music streaming
  • 100 hours of social media
  • 4G LTE mobile hotspot

2) $40 per month

  • 5GB of 4G LTE Data
  • 8 hours of video streaming
  • Unlimited hours of music streaming
  • 300 hours of social media
  • 4G LTE mobile hotspot

3) $50 per month

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited video streaming
  • Unlimited social media
  • Unlimited music streaming

4) $60 per month

  • Unlimited use of 4G LTE data + 10 GB hotspot
  • Unlimited video streaming
  • Unlimited hours of music streaming
  • Unlimited social media

There are no overage fees or extra fees for cell phone service with MetroPCS.

Currently, MetroPCS offers a number of cell phone brands: Samsung, Apple, Motorola, ZTE, LG, Alcatel

Add-On Services

MetroPCS provides so many additional services that customers can add to their monthly plan, if they need it. If you need international calling capabilities or the ability to block unwanted callers, MetroPCS offers these types of services for a fairly low price.

Some of the services include:

  • Mexico Unlimited
  • MetroPCS Global Voice
  • 2 GB extra data
  • Mobile security premium


1) Complex SIM Card Switching Service

One issue many users face is switching the SIM card or phone device. It is not easy like other service providers like remove SIM and use it on any device, every time we need to register for new device and it is also costly and time consuming

2) Less Features for Smaller Plans

On smaller plans like $30 per month we have very less features to access on website through our profile, like cannot access data usage stat and etc.

3) Data Speed Limit

One issue with MetroPCS is that it advertises all plans as being “unlimited” regarding data.

In reality, a customer’s data plan has a fixed allotment of high-speed data. After this amount is exhausted, data speed will be reduces till next new recharge or bill payment.

Because of T-Mobile’s “prioritization” system the customers using more than 35 GB/month are main reason to reduced download speeds while streaming video and other actions that utilize large data amounts if traffic is congested. 

Some times when MetroPCS is testing new services then customers will temporary additional high-speed access, but as soon as the test is over, the access is revoked and customers will have to access those services by additional purchase.

Customer Service

After merger of millions of users from Metro, T-Mobile and Sprint on the same network and living in the same place coverage went away down and customer service is unable to resolve the problem. After multiple attempts to resolve the problems with tech support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I switch MetroPCS service to another phone by just switching the SIM card and not going to a store?

No, you cannot just move SIM card to another phone. You need to call 611 from any phone that is on Metro but you need to provide the password for the account. If you do not have that password, then you need to visit corporate store.

What if my SIM card is not compatible between my two phones?

This might happen because you are transferring from an iPhone to an Android, or from android to iPhone. Also, it could be that your original phone is several years old. Even though the same company makes the new phone, it is simply too much obsolete, and the style of the SIM card is outdated.

In this case you need to get a new SIM card. They may charge you a nominal fee for this service, but it wouldn’t be too much expensive.

What if I followed all the steps, and my phone has not activated?

Let’s consider you have gone through these steps, but your new phone does not seem to be co-operating. The best thing for you to do is to take your phone to the nearest MetroPCS store.

It might happen that your new phone can’t be activated because your account is in arrears, or you have some unexpected fee associated with making the switch.

There’s also a help number 611 on the MetroPCS website, and the option for live chat. However, in this situation, contacting to customer support will be best for you to solve your issues.

Is it mandatory to update to E911 address?

When using Wi-Fi calling, it’s important to update your E911 Address inside the MyMetro App. This allows a dispatcher to find you in case of an emergency for which you call 911. Wi-Fi calling won’t work without an E911 Address. Don’t forget to then update the address should you move and use Wi-Fi calling from a different location.

What are the activation charges for MetroPCS?

If any MetroPCS store is asking for the activation fees, then they are not the corporate store and may be trying to squeeze more money out of you in the name of company. Actually there is no activation fees applied by MetroPCS, it is their add on commission fee. If you visit the corporate store, you don’t have to pay any charges.

Charges are only applied for new SIM card if you want to upgrade you old simple card to new one. And also if you are porting your any SIM to MetroPCS then only you need to pay some charges. Mostly activation fee is included in sim purchase price. There is no additional fees.


Switch SIM card from one phones to another is not too difficult in case of the Metro PCS. And also depending on what model do you have. All phones have SIM cards that store device information about your device. The only question is on which phone you want to access them. In case of Switch Metro PCS Phones you need to register your new device with your SIM card and also make sure your device supports MetroPCS services.

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