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The Spectrum app is the easiest way to manage your spectrum account. Download the free my Spectrum app, create your login, which also works at, and take control of your spectrum services quickly and easily. Access account information, troubleshoot equipment. Adjust Wi Fi settings, and even pay your bill, with just a few time-saving taps. All the tools you need to manage your spectrum services are right here. Download America’s top-rated support app today. Learn more at

We want to make your life easier. That is the reason we offer the free my Spectrum application. Go to the App Store or play store on your device, find the My Spectrum App and download it. Once installed, start exploring. Enter your username and password. This is the first time only.

You will see your billing tab. Here you can make a payment, view your billing statements. Enroll in auto pay to set up recurring payments, and paperless billing to receive your statements electronically.

The Account tab has all the information associated with your account. Your account number, username, email address, and phone number. Here you can install the spectrum Wi Fi profile that enables your devices to automatically search for and connect to any of these spectrum hotspots within range.

You can also edit your email address and phone number here, as well as sign out of the app. The Services tab lists our services at the top of the screen. Tap each one to see the equipment you have related to that service. Tap the equipment listed. View your password. And you can access moving information or contact a spectrum moving specialist. Tap here for a quick tutorial on how to.

My Spectrum App: Download the App to Get Started

Use the My Spectrum application to cover your bill and plan your Spectrum account from your iOS or Android phone or tablet. To begin, simply download the application from your gadget’s application store and sign in with your Spectrum username and password. Don’t have a Spectrum username?

To sign in, utilize your Spectrum username and secret phrase. In the event that you don’t have one, figure out how to make a username. Forgot your username or password? Get sign-in help. Open the My Spectrum app, Enter your full Spectrum username and password, then select Sign In.

In the event that you’ve enabled Touch ID or Face ID sign-in on your gadget, you’ll have the choice to sign in to the My Spectrum App using your fingerprint or facial recognition. In the event that you’d prefer to wind down this component, you can do as such in Account Settings.

My Spectrum App Features:

  • See the articles underneath to study how you can manage the My Spectrum app.
  • Manage my account settings 
  • Troubleshoot my Spectrum equipment 

1. Pay my bill 

You can utilize the My Spectrum application to see your recorded data, purchase power outage notifications, and troubleshoot equipment and more. Figure out how to get the My Spectrum application for your tablet or cell phone.

2. Outage Alerts

When you open the application, you’ll have the option to see blackouts detailed in your space. Simply select View Outage Details to find out more. There, you can choose Request Callback and we’ll tell you when the blackout is cleared.

3. Service Appointments

On the application landing page, beneath the Store Locator, you can see your booked arrangements.

4. Account Information

To see your record data, including your record number, username and contact information, select the Account tab.

To edit your account info:

  • Select the Account tab in the lower part of the application. Select Update Your Info.
  • From here, you can change your record job, contact information, sign-in data and security questions.

Note: You can add up to three telephone numbers and two email locations to your record.

  • To alter the clients related to your record: Select the Account tab in the lower part of the application. Select Manage People.
  • From here, you can deal with individuals who have been added to your Spectrum account or invite new people.

To edit or update you’re billing address:

  • Select the Account tab in the lower part of the application. Under Overview, select Edit Billing Address.
  • Enter your refreshed charge address and press Save. To edit your notification settings:
  • Select the Account tab in the lower part of the application.

5. Select Set Notifications.

From here, you can set your notice inclinations for charging and administration arrangements, set your preferred contact methods or manage your push notification settings. You can choose up to two specialized techniques for each kind of notice.

6. Manage Services and Equipment

From the application, you can keep an eye on your organization’s association just as subtleties identified with your equipment. To discover more definite data on your Spectrum administrations and gear:

Select either the Billing or Services tab. Select View Plan Details. From here, you can peruse your arrangement and bundle data, redesign your administrations and view current offers.

To manage services & equipment:

Select the Services tab in the lower part of the application. From here, you’ll see subtleties identified with your web access, including your WiFi network name, password, and equipment. You can check whether you’re encountering a blackout or, on the other hand, if your website is associated.

If you’d like to change your WiFi name and password, select Edit next to Your WiFi Network and proceed to customize your WiFi settings.You can manage Advanced Settings related to your WiFi network.

Look down to see subtleties identified with your voice and TV administration, including data about receivers, modems, and voicemail. 

7. Spectrum WiFi Access Points

When you have the Spectrum WiFi profile set up on your gadget, you get free and unlimited access to a nationwide network of WiFi access points with an extra layer of security. Study Spectrum WiFi Access Points. To introduce the Spectrum WiFi profile utilizing the My Spectrum application:

  • When you use iOS: Select Account, Choose Manage Spectrum WiFi Profile, Select Install Profile, which will open your Safari browser. Sign in with your Spectrum username and secret key to introduce the profile.
  • For Android: go to your account, select Install Spectrum WiFi Profile.

My Spectrum App: Support and Services

Download the My Spectrum App. If you haven’t already, download the My Spectrum app to troubleshoot equipment, pay your bill and more.

Get Help/Support. Open the My Spectrum application and sign in, utilizing similar certifications as your online Spectrum account. Select the Support icon to view helpful articles.


To troubleshoot your Spectrum equipment: Select the Services icon, Choose from the Internet, voice or TV. The Select your equipment from the list. Select Restart Equipment? Select the Restart button.

My Spectrum App: Billing and Payment

Pay My Bill:

  • To make a one-time portion: Open the My Spectrum application and sign in using a few very similar credentials as your online Spectrum account.
  • Select the Billing icon, select the Make Payment button, and follow the prompts. You can make the greatest installment of $1,000 by utilizing the My Spectrum application.
  • To try out programmed repeating installments (Auto-pay): Select the Billing icon in the app, select Enroll in Auto Pay, choose your payment method and then select Enroll in Auto Pay.
  • Try out Paperless Billing: Select the Billing symbol in the application, select Enroll in Paperless Billing.
  • View you’re Billing Statements: Select the Billing symbol in the application, Select View Statements. Choose a statement from the list.
  • View you’re Payment History: Select the Billing icon in the app, then select View Payment History.
  • Have your Auto Pay set up on the My Spectrum app.
  • Open My Spectrum application after signing in, utilize your Spectrum username and secret word and select the Billing tab. Tap the Enroll in Auto Pay box. You’ll see a message affirming that you’ve effectively taken a crack at Auto Pay.

What Payment methods are best to use for Auto Pay?

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), Debit card, Checking account, Savings account. Whenever you’ve picked a payment strategy, enter your charge data when provoked.

How would I Change my Installment Strategy for Auto Pay?

You can make some necessary changes to your payment method, including credit card or checking/savings account information, on or using the My Spectrum app. study how to change your Auto Pay installment strategy.

Once I’ve set up Auto Pay, when should I expect my first Auto Pay transaction to occur?

Auto Pay is tied to your billing cycle. As an example, if you enrolled after your regular billing date, then the first transaction will take place during the next billing cycle. You can see your installment date by marking it in your Spectrum account and choosing Billing.

You can likewise see the situation with your installment from the billing part of your record. When an installment is made or booked, a notification will show up with the installment sum and status.

How to View Your Bill

  • The accompanying data will assist you with figuring out how to view and pay your bill on or the My Spectrum app.
  • Having trouble with your Spectrum billing statement? Learn more about understanding your bill.
  • Sign in to your account with a Spectrum username with Admin or Primary privileges. Go to the Billing part of your record.
  • Take care of your bills. View your amount due, check your previous billing statements, Download your statement (PDF version of your bill), Auto Pay (repeating installments), Enroll in paperless charge.

To Download Your Statement

  • Go to the billing part of your record.
  • Select View Statement or Download PDF.

Viewing Your Bill on the My Spectrum App:

  • It is also possible to pay your bill using the My Spectrum App. The My Spectrum application is accessible at no extra charge.

To see your bill utilizing the My Spectrum application:

  • Sign in to the My Spectrum application utilizing your Spectrum username and secret word.
  • Move to the Billing tab, select the View Statements tab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the My Spectrum app?

It is an application software that enables spectrum to make it easier for their wonderful customers to pay and manage their billing accounts on their mobile devices by simply downloading it in a very few simple steps, and with it getting into one’s account or opening up one. Now go ahead and pay your bills with spectrum to enjoy the best of their services.

How easy is it with the My Spectrum App?

So easy. Just go ahead and download the My Spectrum App on your Android or iPhone device and open the My Spectrum app. Enter your full Spectrum username and password, then select Sign In. You will find the tabs set clear and easy to follow in telling the app what and how you want to pay your bills with Spectrum.

Is it possible to access the support center with the My Spectrum App?

Yes. Spectrum has made it easy to access their support center via the My Spectrum App. All you will do is to open the My Spectrum application and sign in, utilizing similar accreditation as your online Spectrum account. Select the Support icon to view helpful articles.


In these times of the internet, the seriousness and effectiveness of the internet in the day to-day lives of people. Spectrum, as a service company dedicated to giving their customers the best service out there, has decided to make it easy for their esteemed customers to pay their bills not only wherever they are, but on all their mobile devices. This makes the My Spectrum App very essential and when all Spectrum customers embrace this app, then taking care of one’s spectrum bills will be made even easier.

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