How to Transfer Phone Number to Another Phone Verizon

Transfer a phone number may appear like an overwhelming task but it is fairly simple. You may have been involved in a personal dispute and want to prevent someone from contacting you, or you may have moved and need a local phone number, which makes changing of numbers necessary. For Verizon Wireless customer is an easy process and can be done in only takes a few minutes.

Most importantly one doesn’t need to pay anything for a number Transfer. The last four numbers are generated at random, but you can select your area code and prefix. As long as you make the change on the same day, your effective date will always match the change.

You won’t see changes in your Verizon number immediately unless you want them to. Online number change processes with Verizon allow you to select a date for the change to take effect. Activation of your new number depends on the date you choose within 30 days before the operative date, you can select the date.

But before changing your number is better to keep certain facts in mind like the previous number will not forward calls or messages to your new one once it ceases to be in service. Androids running OS 2.3 and earlier usually require a factory reset when their numbers change. Verizon Cloud offers the option of backing up your phone if you own one of these older phones.

Here is a step by step guide of transfer phone number to another phone Verizon either through customer support or online account.

Transfer Number Through Assistance From Customer Support

  • Step 1. Call Verizon: Only an account owners and managers can change a mobile number. Call Verizon at 1-800-922-0204 and speak with a support staff. Use a landline telephone but have your cell phone charged and available number.
  • Step 2. Keep certain information ready: Be prepared to provide your security code and billing information.
  • Step 3. Select Options: The Verizon Wireless representative will give you options for your new phone number, and they will make the changes after you make your choice.

Transfer Phone Number To Another Phone Verizon Through Online Account

  • Step 1. Visit Verizon Webpage and log into your account: Go to the Verizon Web page that allows you to change your number online. Click “My Account” and feed in your user name and password in the drop-down boxes. You can choose Device overview from the My Verizon navigation once you have signed in and chose a device by clicking from the option displayed.
  • Step 2. Change the Phone Number: On the ‘Profile’ click on the “Change Phone Number” link of your Verizon Wireless account overview page. This page allows you to choose the new number from the available phone lines. Keep following the direction on prompt screen.
  • Step 3. Follow Directions: You have enter zip code or your city and state after clicking “Next” to generate your new phone number options.
  • Step 4. Make Selection: Select new number in the same city.
  • Step 5. Select Location: If you choose to get a new number in the same city, you may have a couple of options from which to choose. Verizon will give you limited options the area code and the first three numbers and assign the rest. When choosing a different city, you will be prompted to select the location. Verizon gives you limited options for the number you will get.
  • Step 6. Follow Directions and Review: Review the information you have entered and select ‘Next.’
  • Step 7. Confirm: Confirm that you want to make the change, click Submit and it’s done.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to change my number?

There’s no charge to change your number in My Business.

How do I change my phone number from one state to another?

Please call Customer Service for assistance, which was at (800) 922-0204 the last time we checked. If you can’t connect do check online for the latest number. You could also dial *611 on the phone.

Can I chose my new number?

You can choose the area code and phone prefix when changing your mobile number through the My Verizon app or online. It will automatically assign you the last 4 digits based on what’s available.

Do I lose my contacts while switching over?

There’s no need to worry about losing your contacts because they’re saved on your phone.

Is it possible to lose the voice and text messages?

If you change your number, you may lose your voicemails and/or texts. For more information about saving your voicemail messages, see Verizon Voicemail FAQs on their website.

How long does it take the change to be effective?

After you complete the steps and reset your phone, your new number should be activated straightaway once you complete the process. The phone number will automatically change at midnight ET of the chosen date if all options aren’t selected.

How does one add a line to Verizon wireless account and bring a number from another carrier?

When you purchase a device online, you’ll be asked to pick a phone number before or during checkout, here you can either transfer your existing number or choose a new one.

Final Word

The process of switching is made fairly easy through Verizon. Also Verizon offers great tech and customer care support. Changing your phone number may result in losing voicemail messages unless you use the built-in voicemail feature of your phone, so one needs to be careful about it. It is best to back up the voicemails, so that you don’t lose it.

Your text messages or other data will not be affected by changing your phone number. Do remember that changing the phone number is irreversible, therefore think about the pros and cons of changing the number.

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