Best Spy App for Android Without Access to Target Phone

Sometimes, you need to get access to the phone of your mate, your child, your partner or another one. It is risky because you can be caught up at any time. That is why some apps have been developed to help you: such apps are called spy apps. So you don’t need to be a professional before doing that.

A spy app is an app used to spy someone’s phone without access to it. In fact, as soon as you install this kind of app on an android, it becomes undetectable (no icon, no notification like others apps). So you don’t see it but the app saves regularly all secret informations of the target phone.

With a spy app, you can get access to all saved photos and videos, read all messages, see all contacts where you can record and abort a call. Summary, you have a full control on the target phone. You will find here informations about the best spy app for Android without have access to target phone.

Is it Possible to Spy on Android without Access to the Target Phone?

Yes, you just need to have a good spy app and after install it on the target device you easily have access to all its informations. You see your victim messages, incoming, outgoing and missed calls. You know all his contacts and other private informations. You have a full access to his social networks (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram…) where you can act like the owner.

Do I have to Root the Android Device Before Spying on it?

Maybe yes, maybe no cause all depends on the kind of app you choose to do it.The best Android spy apps usually work without asking you to root the target phone. But sometimes although the app is good, you need to root to get access to advanced features.

Can we Get a 100% Free Spy App?

Normally no. You often need for many best apps to paid a few price to get access to full app. But these app have demo version that you can try for a limited time. However, some spy apps give you a free access to all their features. But it is better to choose those which need to pay for more advanced features.

Is it safe to spy on an android device with spy apps?

Of course yes! Spy need to be stealth. Of you choose a qualified app, your target won’t know anything. After you install it, the app don’t appear in the menu. Moreover, the app don’t send any notification. Their sizes are very low so it will not be a problem for the target phone memory.

The 6 Best Spy App for Android without Access to Target Phone

  1. Xnspy
  2. Spyne
  3. Spyzie
  4. Spyfer
  5. mSpy
  6. PhoneSheriff

1) Xnspy

Xnspy is an android app with advanced features for spy. That is not just a spy app for children and relatives but it is also used for tracing. You keep informed on all things the cell phone owner do on the phone in real time.

Some famous features let you monitoring incoming calls and sms, all medias sent during a chat, and give you a possibility to make a tracing using the GPS which includes the phone owner current situation and his journey. You watch over his browser, record his calls, control the cell phone without access to it and many other things. Moreover, you have access to his WhatsApp.

Xnspy can be used on Android and iOS. Android version supports 4.x, 5.x, 6.x 7.x and 8.x. You have the possibility with this app to spy offline. Xnspy keep saving data off-line and as soon as you get connected to network an log in, saved are instantly downloaded to your account. The app offers you more than 30 features for a good and full monitoring.

When you install the app you have a demo version where you can try many times you want before buying the real version. Even if the user of the phone you are spying delete something, you still have the possibility to see it on your web account because the app can make a copy of data. The developers team install it for you directly from afar on the target phone when you buy the app.

2) Spyne

Among all spy apps, there is spyne, one of the best, maybe the best one. With all it’s features, this app help you to do your monitoring easily. Available on both Android and iOS, Spyne work with any browser you choose.

You just have to get an web account and then you have access to the app whenever you want although you haven’t installed it on your device. If you prefer install it on the target phone, don’t worry, you won’t be catch up. Spyne is very discreet. Moreover you don’t need to root the target phone before getting access to all the app features.

Spyne app protects all your private data. Even the developers team don’t have access to your informations. The app servers don’t save your data. So you can use your app to spy too much time you need without caring about data privacy.

The android version of the app is built to be like an hidden apps. It’s size is very small (just about 3 Mo) which means no problem for the memory capacity. So when necessary you need to install the app on the target phone, you do it fastly and the owner of it couldn’t remark cause Spyne will not appear but will still working stealthily.

No notification, and to uninstall, you do it from afar without access to the target. You just need to log into your web account and you easily uninstall from your personal dashboard. With Spyne app, it is neither seen nor known.

About the features that Spyne app gives to you, we have spy of social media. You get access to full messages where you can discover what they are talking about and the one who the target phone holder is talking to. And all these are available on all social networks (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp,…). One another feature is Keylogger. It is the one that helps you to get all information that the user typed on his phone as soon as he did it.

To the both, we can add the location tracker with whom you know in real time all the positions of your target using GPS. Also, you have eye on all outgoing and incoming calls which can be recorded: it is call monitor feature. That is not all, you have possibility to check the target phone call list whenever you want. The app have a demo version that you can try before buying the full version. Enjoy it!

3) Spyzie

Another spy app for Android, a most used one: Spyzie. With this app you save your victim message, his call list. You monitor all his online chats, navigation History on browser. You track him with GPS and many others things. Spyzie runs in stealthy mode. So you don’t need to root the device before start. There are many features you could not find elsewhere. It is a great spy app available for all android version from 4.0 and over. It is also available for iOS.

Spyzie is a good solution to have eyes on your children or workers and the app interface is very unique and easy to use. However, it is expensive and if the owner of the target phone deletes any information in his device, you can’t find it back with the app’s tools.

4) Spyfer

Created to secure your friends and relatives activities, Spyfer is a free spy app. You can download it free on your android devices. It helps you to spy from afar the target phone at any time. Spyfer gives you access from your cell phone to all mails, calls, social networks and the location of another one. The platform is fully online and accessible from any browser. With an amazing interface, the software have many interesting features for you to spy.

Spyfer gives you informations about incoming sms and if you are parent you can control who used to text your children. In other hands, you can spy your victim’s Messenger. Messanger is very popular app so everybody uses it for chat or calls. With the app, you can have eyes on your relatives accounts and at the same time you have possibility to act like the real owner.

That is not all. The app can be also used to spy the others social networks like iMessage, Snapchat and even Facebook and Instagram. You control all of these without access to the target phone and it is free and handy. You can see all publications, comments, private messages, subscriptions of all the accounts. Moreover, you can use GPS to track your friends or children. So you know from where they have left, where they are and where they would like to reach.

Spyfer is a very best app for spy. You use it for on any device and all browser. Useful for parents, it helps them to control and protect their children. That’s good for education. You install it free, you run it free and all features of the app are yours. Make your choice!

5) mSpy

Get informed and prevent with the free spy app called mSpy. You control from afar and it is very easy to install. After you install it, you set the app in few minutes and adventure starts from your dashboard. All your are safe. The software uses many advanced protocols to protect all of your datas. So anyone else can’t have access to these private informations. mSpy is available on both iOS and Android.

Make a free Facebook tracking using mSpy. Keep informed about what your children is doing online, with what kind of people they are chatting and then you would protect them from cyber harassment or online predators. Have eyes on all their Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat messages and other most used social network apps.

With the app feature called Keylogger, you get access to all information the user types on his device. So you can see all texts, passwords, notes and many others. Finally, you have possibility to track the target cell phone location GPS and Geo-fencing feature. That is very useful for kids protection. Set location restrictions on the map and get alerted when the device is tracked in the restricted area.

6) PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff is especially built for parents who want to monitor children’s activities on their phone. But The app is not just limited to that purpose. You can also spy your employees activities if you are a boss. Besides the classic spy features like GPS tracking, call and SMS tracking, alert setting, photo viewing, instant messaging, etc., it also offers significant filtering features such as blocking of apps, websites, contacts, time restrictions, geo-fencing, phone locking, etc.

PhoneSheriff is a good solution for you to spy without access to the target phone. You can use the app to take photo at a distance with the phone camera and save the phone environment. The messages on social medias like WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Facebook et Snapchat are accessibles. With a low cost you make a unimaginable experience. But you need to update the app sometimes otherwise bugs could appear.


As you could have seen, spy on a phone without access to it is possible today with technologies brought by spy apps. You can see your victim messages, follow his social medias, track his location with GPS, use his phone like him and many other great things. There is lot of choice. You need to make the best one. So enjoy yourself!.

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