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The web development industry in the USA is booming. With more businesses needing an online presence and consumers spending more time online, demand for talented web developers and agencies is at an all-time high.

Choosing the right web development partner to build and maintain your website is crucial to succeed online. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which companies are truly the best in class?

To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled this list of the top 20 web development companies in the USA for 2023 based on factors like industry experience, technical expertise, client results, and more. Read on to see who made the cut!

What is Web Development Companies?

Web development companies specialize in building, creating, and maintaining websites for clients. Here are some key things to know about web development companies:

  • Services – Web development companies offer a range of services including website design, development, hosting, security, maintenance, and more. Their services are aimed at helping businesses and organizations establish or improve their online presence.
  • Expertise – Web developers at these companies are experts in programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as content management systems like WordPress. They stay updated on the latest web technologies and best practices.
  • Approach – Good web development firms take a consultative approach, seeking to deeply understand the client’s business, target audience, goals, and technical requirements before building a customized solution.
  • Clients – Web development agencies work with all types of clients from small startups to large enterprises across many industries. Some specialize in ecommerce websites, SaaS applications, intranets, and other solutions.
  • Process – Most follow an agile web development process that involves steps like scoping requirements, wireframing, design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and ongoing optimizations.
  • Benefits – Hiring a web development company provides access to technical talent and expertise along with best-in-class processes to deliver business impact and ROI through an effective online presence.

Web development companies provide the skills, experience, and methodology to help organizations succeed online with custom-designed websites and web platforms. Choosing the right web partner is key to maximizing value.

How Does it Work?

Here is an overview of how a typical web development project works when partnering with a web development company:

  1. Discovery – The project kicks off with a discovery phase where the client meets with the web development team to discuss business/project goals, target audience, content needs, technical requirements, and any specific features expected.
  2. Planning – Using the discovery findings, the web developers create a detailed project plan and timeline including milestones for design approvals, development sprints, testing, training, and launch.
  3. Design – Web designers create the website layout, interface, navigation, graphics, and other visual elements based on brand standards and goals identified earlier. Designs are iterated on with client feedback.
  4. Development – Web developers build the website front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) code to create the fully functioning site. They integrate APIs, databases, CMS, ecommerce platforms, plugins, security measures, and other technical elements.
  5. Testing – The website is thoroughly tested across devices, browsers, connectivity speeds, and different usage scenarios. Issues are documented, prioritized and fixed. Load, security, and accessibility testing is also done.
  6. Deployment – Once approved, the website is deployed live on a web host. SEO optimizations, domain setup, SSL certificates, caching, and integrations are handled at this stage.
  7. Training – The web developers train the client’s team on how to use the CMS, upload content, access analytics, and perform other routine website updates and maintenance.
  8. Post-launch – The web development company provides ongoing support and maintenance services to keep the website optimized over time. Enhancements and new features can be added via change requests.

The best firms approach projects collaboratively, maintaining close communication with the client throughout this process to ensure the end product achieves the intended goals.

List of the Top 20 Best Web Development Companies in the USA for 2023

1. MobiDev

Location: Atlanta, GA

Founded: 2009

Services: Custom software development, web and app development, IoT solutions, QA services

MobiDev tops our list thanks to over 13 years of experience developing solutions for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. Their 200+ dedicated software engineers have the technical skills to take on complex web projects of any size.

MobiDev has worked with major brands like Audi, British Airways, Google, and more. They develop websites using modern tech stacks like React, Angular, and Node.js.

2. INT Technologies

Location: Atlanta, GA

Founded: 2012

Services: Custom software development, web and mobile app development, UX/UI design, cloud services

INT Technologies is an award-winning custom software and web development company. Their 160+ employees have delivered over 500 projects for clients ranging from startups to large enterprises.

INT Tech’s web developers are highly skilled in JavaScript, ASP.NET, React, Angular, and more. They build high-performing websites tailored specifically to each client’s business needs and goals.


Location: New York, NY

Founded: 2003

Services: Website design and development, eCommerce, content management systems, SEO

For 20 years, has provided web development services to a wide variety of clients including Target, Samsung, and Google. Their team of 50+ web experts specialize in building custom CMS-powered websites optimized for security, speed, and conversion. uses the latest web development tools and technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and MySQL. They are a certified Magento and WordPress agency capable of building feature-rich eCommerce sites.

4. Cleveland Web Developers

Location: Cleveland, OH

Founded: 2009

Services: Custom web design and development, UX design, eCommerce, SEO services

With a perfect 5-star Google rating built over 13+ years in business, Cleveland Web Developers lives up to their reputation as a premier web development agency. They have successfully completed over 500 projects for small business clients across industries.

Cleveland Web Developers builds responsive, modern websites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and WordPress. Their design process emphasizes usability, conversion rate optimization, and search engine visibility.

5. CSSR Corp

Location: Reston, VA

Founded: 2012

Services: Web design and development, mobile app development, digital marketing, IT consulting

CSSR Corp is an award-winning app and web development agency recognized for excellence in technical capabilities, industry knowledge, and customer service. Their 120+ developers have delivered custom web solutions for clients like PBS, Obama Foundation, and Hilton.

CSSR Corp specializes in building complex enterprise-grade websites using React, Angular, Node.js, and .NET. They also provide comprehensive digital marketing services to grow traffic and conversions.

6. Iflexion

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 1999

Services: Web development, mobile app development, dedicated development teams, QA services

With over 23 years in business and 650+ successful projects delivered, Iflexion offers proven web development expertise. Their 300+ developers have worked with leading companies like Philips, L’Oreal, and Nestle to create custom web solutions.

Iflexion builds responsive, scalable websites optimized for performance using Python, .NET, JavaScript, HTML5, and other cutting-edge technologies. They also provide dedicated web development teams for long-term projects.


Location: Burlingame, CA

Founded: 2003

Services: Web development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, QA and testing

SUMATOSOFT delivers bespoke web development services using their team of 500+ engineers located across the globe. Over the past 19+ years, they have successfully completed over 1000 projects for the likes of Disney, KPMG, and Ticketmaster.

Their web developers are experts in React, Angular, and other JavaScript frameworks. They work closely with clients to build custom web platforms that accelerate business growth.

8. Blue Fountain Media

Location: New York, NY

Founded: 2007

Services: Web design and development, eCommerce, digital marketing, branding

Blue Fountain Media is an award-winning digital agency with a strong focus on creating engaging user experiences through custom web design. Their 70+ in-house team members have delivered successful web projects for brands like Funko, Marc Jacobs, and NYU.

At Blue Fountain Media, expert web developers build high-converting Shopify and Magento stores, WordPress websites, web apps, and more using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and leading CMS platforms.


Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Founded: 2000

Services: Web design and development, eCommerce, web hosting, digital marketing

With over 22 years of web development experience under their belt, DEVITA has become a top choice for startups and enterprises in Southern California. Their 70+ in-house experts have built and optimized websites for notable names like Hot Topic, Jam Cellars, and U-Haul.

DEVITA handles web projects of any size and complexity using open source technologies like MySQL, PHP, and ReactJS. In addition to web development, they also provide web hosting, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing services.

10. EPAM Systems

Location: Newtown, PA

Founded: 1993

Services: Digital transformation, custom software development, cloud services, app and web development

With over 30 years of IT services experience, EPAM Systems delivers leading technical expertise gained from working with 800+ global customers. Their 60,000+ professionals across the globe build innovative web solutions using the latest technologies and development methodologies.

EPAM has deep capabilities in front-end, back-end and full-stack web development using React, Angular, Python, Java, .NET and more. They help organizations optimize and scale their websites for security and performance.

11. WillowTree

Location: Charlottesville, VA

Founded: 2008

Services: App and web development, UX design, QA and testing, IoT development

WillowTree is an award-winning digital product agency focused on designing and building industry-leading websites, apps, and other digital experiences. Their 500+ developers and designers have delivered work for Intel, Regal Cinemas, Johnson & Johnson, and other leading brands.

WillowTree’s web experts are highly skilled in React, JavaScript, .NET, and other modern frameworks and technologies. They work closely with clients to build custom, responsive websites tailored to meet their specific business objectives.

12. Hashrocket

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Founded: 2007

Services: Web and mobile app development, UX design, DevOps, staff augmentation

Hashrocket offers 15+ years of web development expertise gained from delivering over 1000 digital projects. Their team of 150+ developers and designers take a consultative, transparent approach to every engagement.

Hashrocket builds web applications using Ruby on Rails, Elixir, React, and other open source technologies. They can scale high-traffic websites to handle millions of monthly visitors. Hashrocket also provides staff augmentation services.

13. Small Planet

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Founded: 1996

Services: Web and mobile development, UX/UI design, digital transformation

With over 25 years of digital agency experience, Small Planet has delivered thousands of web and mobile projects for clients like Verizon, Volvo, Harvard, and Starbucks. Their team of 150+ in-house experts provide end-to-end capabilities from design to development.

Small Planet builds custom websites optimized for performance using React, JavaScript, WordPress, and other leading technologies. They focus on understanding client needs first before designing intuitive user experiences.

14. Akendi

Location: Toronto, Canada

Founded: 1999

Services: UX design, custom software development, web and mobile development

Akendi offers two decades of experience helping hundreds of clients achieve their digital goals through strategic design and development capabilities. Their team leverages robust QA and project management frameworks to deliver innovative web solutions on-time and on-budget.

Akendi builds high-performing, scalable websites using open source technologies like React, Angular, .NET Core, Node.js, and GraphQL. Past clients include Marriott, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ford, and other leading enterprises.

15. Brainjocks

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2000

Services: Web and mobile application development, UX/UI design, QA services

Brainjocks brings over 22 years of technical expertise to every web and mobile project. Their 150+ engineers around the globe build complex solutions optimized for security, scalability, and speed.

Brainjocks develops custom web platforms using React, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, and other robust web frameworks. They have delivered award-winning work for Intuit, Optum, Dreamscape, and other leading companies.

16. Mobomo

Location: Reston, VA

Founded: 2008

Services: Web and mobile app development, UX/UI design, custom software, IoT

Mobomo leverages a decade of building digital products for startups, Fortune 500s, nonprofits, and government agencies. Their team of 180+ designers and developers collaborate using agile methodologies to deliver impactful web solutions.

Mobomo leverages React, Angular, and other modern JavaScript frameworks to build responsive, scalable websites. They are a certified Magento and WordPress development agency capable of building complex eCommerce sites.

17. Dom & Tom

Location: New York, NY

Founded: 2009

Services: Web and mobile app development, UX/UI design, eCommerce, app modernization

Dom & Tom is an award-winning app and web development agency comprised of strategists, creatives, and engineers. For over 13 years, they have partnered with startups and enterprises to design, build, and grow innovative digital products.

Their team of 150+ in-house experts build custom web applications using React, Angular, Vue, and other modern JavaScript frameworks. Dom & Tom leverages agile methodologies to deliver maximum business impact.

18. Ifbyphone

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2001

Services: Voice AI solutions, digital marketing, web development

Ifbyphone provides voice-based digital solutions engineered to drive sales and improve CX for its Fortune 500 clients. In addition to voice AI capabilities, their team offers full-stack web development services.

Ifbyphone builds custom web platforms optimized for security, speed, and scalability using .NET, Java, PHP, React, Angular, and more. They use agile methodologies and proprietary project management tools to deliver maximum ROI.

19. PSL

Location: New York, NY

Founded: 1991

Services: Digital transformation, custom software development, QA services, app and web development

With over 30 years of experience, PSL is a leader in agile software development services. Their 2000+ developers across Latin America and the U.S. build innovative solutions for Fortune 1000 companies worldwide.

PSL leverages the latest web frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js to build fast, responsive websites tailored to meet each client’s unique business needs. Their process combines design thinking and agile methodologies.

20. Skylark Net

Location: Draper, UT

Founded: 2001

Services: Web development and design, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing

Skylark Net provides comprehensive digital marketing services alongside custom web development capabilities. Their team of 50+ in-house experts has delivered 1000+ successful projects for startups and enterprises.

Skylark Net develops modern websites optimized for lead generation using PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Shopify, and other technologies. They are a certified HubSpot and Magento development agency.

Finding the Right Web Development Partner

When searching for a web development company to bring your digital vision to life, be sure to evaluate their technical capabilities, industry experience, client results, company culture, and pricing structure.

Prioritize agencies that invest in continued learning and staying updated on the latest web frameworks and best practices. Their portfolio of past work should showcase positive outcomes achieved for clients across industries.

Leading web development firms build strong partnerships with each client. Look for companies that take the time to deeply understand your business, audience, and goals at the start of a project. Transparent communication and collaboration leads to the best final product.

Focus on Delivering Business Value

The top web development agencies have mastered both sides of the equation – marrying robust technical skills with a keen focus on designing digital experiences that drive growth. They keep the user’s needs at the center and develop websites that deliver maximum business value.

Make sure to align with a web partner invested in your success. Their goal should be to not just meet your requirements but exceed expectations by recommending innovative features and functionality to help your website convert, engage, and retain visitors.

How to Choose Best Web Development Companies?

Here are some tips for choosing the best web development company for your project:

  • Evaluate technical expertise – Review the programming languages, frameworks, databases, CMS platforms, and other technologies they have experience with to ensure a good match with your needs.
  • Assess communication skills – Choose a company that asks probing questions, actively listens, and keeps you informed throughout the project. Clear communication is key.
  • Check out past work – Ask for client references and examples of live websites/apps they have developed to assess their work quality and project execution.
  • Understand their process – Ask about their project planning, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance processes to ensure it aligns with your goals.
  • Consider company experience – More experienced companies usually have greater expertise and range of services compared to new entrants. But there can be tradeoffs.
  • Look for industry specialization -Some firms specialize in certain industries like healthcare, finance, ecommerce, etc. This domain expertise can be beneficial.
  • Review company culture – Look for a collaborative, transparent work culture with good employee retention rates as this leads to continuity and engagement.
  • Compare cost models – Some charge fixed price bids while others bill hourly or use dedicated team models. See which provides the optimal balance of cost and flexibility.
  • Optimize for ROI – Choose a company with a track record of driving tangible business results for clients through their web solutions.

Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate web development companies on these criteria increases your chances of choosing a partner that delivers maximum value.

Which is Best Company for Web Development?

There are many great web development companies out there, but here are a few that stand out as top options to consider:

  • MobiDev – A leading custom software and web development company with 200+ developers. They have over 13 years experience building complex web platforms for enterprise clients. Expertise in React, Angular, Node.js.
  • INT Technologies – An award-winning web and app development agency with 160+ employees. Skilled in JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular. Develop robust, scalable websites.
  • Hashrocket – A web and mobile app development company with 15+ years experience and 150+ developers. Specializes in Ruby on Rails, Elixir, React and other technologies.
  • WillowTree – An established digital product agency with 500+ developers and designers. Build industry-leading websites, apps and digital experiences for big brands.
  • Iflexion – A web development company with 23+ years experience and 650+ successful projects delivered. Expertise in Python, .NET, JavaScript, React and other technologies.
  • EPAM Systems – A global IT services company with 60,000+ professionals. Offer deep web development capabilities using React, Angular, Java, .NET and more.
  • – A web development agency with 50+ experts on staff. Develop custom CMS-powered websites optimized for security, speed and SEO.
  • Mobomo – An award winning web and app development agency with 180+ developers. Certified Magento and WordPress developers.

I’d recommend evaluating web development companies based on their technical capabilities, client results, industry experience, company culture and pricing to find the best fit.

Is Web Developer good for future?

Yes, a career in web development looks very promising for the future for several reasons:

  • In Demand Skills – Web developers with skills in areas like JavaScript, React, Angular, Node.js are in high demand as companies require web expertise to support digital transformation and online business models.
  • Strong Job Growth – The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 8% job growth for web developers between 2020-2030, faster than the national average. There is an ongoing need to create, enhance and maintain websites.
  • Well-Paying – Web developer roles pay well with the median salary in the US at $77,200 per year according to BLS data. Senior and specialized roles can expect over $100k+ in compensation.
  • Remote Work – Many web developer jobs offer remote work and flexible arrangements since the work involves using computer-based tools. This provides location independence.
  • Variety – Web development offers variety in the industries, projects and technologies you can work with. There are opportunities with startups, agencies, tech firms and corporate IT teams.
  • Transferable Skills – The analytical and technical skills gained as a web developer are transferable and prepare you for related roles like software engineering, app development and IT project management.
  • Continued Innovation – New technologies, frameworks and best practices ensure web development remains an evolving, stimulating field to build a career in over the long-term.

With technology becoming more ingrained in business operations, the future outlook for web developers looks very strong. There will be an expanding need for skilled web experts who can create digital experiences that engage customers and drive business results.

Is Web Developer in demand?

Yes, web developers are very in demand right now. Here are some key reasons driving high demand:

  • Digital Transformation – Businesses across industries are undergoing digital transformation and need customized web applications and platforms to stay competitive. This is fueling strong demand for skilled web developers.
  • Growth of Ecommerce – As more commerce moves online, companies need developers to build and maintain feature-rich ecommerce websites and apps to support online sales and customers.
  • Shift to Cloud Computing – The shift to the cloud is accelerating web projects as companies modernize their web properties using cloud infrastructure. Web dev skills are crucial here.
  • Expansion of Remote Work – Remote work is becoming more common. Web development is suited for remote workflows since it mainly involves computer-based skills. This expands hiring options.
  • Mobile Prioritization – With users shifting to mobile, brands need developers to build fast, responsive sites and progressive web apps optimized for mobile devices.
  • Interactive Sites – Modern web properties are highly interactive and complex. Developers with JavaScript, API integration and real-time web skills are in demand to build these sites.
  • Security Needs – Web security threats are growing. Developers with security skills are needed to build and maintain secure web applications and comply with regulations.
  • Scarcity of Talent – Despite high demand, there is a shortage of skilled web developers. Bootcamps are expanding to address the talent shortage.

Given these trends, web developer roles are expected to remain in very high demand beyond 2023 and offer good job security.


Choosing the right partner to create or revamp your company website is a key decision with long-lasting impact. We hope this list of the top 20 web development companies in the USA for 2023 makes your search easier.

Each of these leading agencies offers deep web development expertise along with a proven track record of delivering successful digital projects on-time and within budget. If you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level, consider reaching out to one of these top-rated firms!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly asked FAQs about web development companies:

What services do web development companies offer?

Web development companies typically offer a full range of services to build, launch, and manage websites and web applications. This includes planning, UX/UI design, front-end development, back-end development, CMS integration, hosting, security, testing, deployment, maintenance, and ongoing support.

What is the process like working with a web development company?

The process usually starts with business analysis, planning, and requirements gathering. Then the web developers create site maps, wireframes, and designs for the client to review and approve before build. The site is then developed, tested, launched, and further optimized. Ongoing support is provided.

How long does it take to build a website with a web development company?

Most website projects take 2 to 6 months from start to finish. Simple brochure websites can be quicker while complex apps and enterprise sites take longer. The timeline depends on project scope, required integrations, and other factors.

What technical expertise should you look for in a web development company?

Look for expertise in languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and frameworks like React, Angular, .NET Core, Ruby on Rails based on your tech stack needs. Also database, security, hosting, CMS expertise.

How much does it cost to hire a web development company?

Costs vary greatly based on project complexity, features, design requirements, development timelines, and other variables. Smaller sites can start at around $5K while enterprise sites cost $100K+. Get detailed quotes based on your specifications.

What are some warning signs of a poor quality web development company?

Lack of communication, vague proposals, refusal to sign contracts, limited expertise, bad client references, lack of technical specifics, and inability to explain their process are some red flags to watch out for.

How can you ensure a successful website project?

Clear business goals, detailed requirements, efficient collaboration, optimum planning, technical excellence, user-focused design, comprehensive testing, flexible timelines, and post-launch support are key to web project success.

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